Thrivehood platform demonstrates a society with an effective educational system and administrative structure based on the right philosophy for identifying, harnessing and optimizing the potentials of individuals, institutions & resources to achieve a happier, wealthier, peaceful and progressive society

Basically it was created as a medium to further the mission and realize the vision of solution virtues of an ideal society characterized by:


Talent focued education

Highly subsidized and compulsory education focused on identifying developing and harnessing individual uniqueness for solving societal problems.

Enabling Environment

Enabling environment and support for citizens to generate idea and develop into brands, products and services

Provision of employment

Availability of Job and employment for all citizens (employee or entrepreneur)

Passion to Profession

Providing the platform and structure for citizens to express develop and establish a rewarding career from their talents values and potentials

Regular Passive income

Payment of passive income to all citizens especially those yet to be employed (under training)

Who we are

The philosophy of system and the principles and values it represents is what distinguishes us, determines our character and guides our operations





The philosophy of system and the principles and values it represents is what distinguishes us, determines our character and guides our operations


Myers Briggs personality type & Genius U, has proven effective in providing accurate information for talents identification and best combination for recruitment, training and developmental programs purposes


Purpose vision and mission developer tools ensure that all engagements in all areas of the individuals life is accommodated articulated and integrated to focus on an ultimate purpose for a fulfilling career and business life

Instructors and Training organizations

we employ collaborative & synergistic partnership with professionals and firms who have establish themselves as authority and using their experience and business routine to administer trainings to passionate and talented enrollees


Real problems, project jobs from within and outsourced including internship, apprentiship and others developmental programs provides the simulated environment to test and develop character, talents and potentials


its evaluation standard in its objectivity is eternally valid because of its metaphysical base , cuts across all sphere and applies to both concrete and concepts

Frequently asked questions

No you mustn’t however you are advised so as to access the essential opportunities and resources available on the platform which include highy subsidizedfees on trainings, payment of regular income and other benefits

You earn 10% on you signup amount which is only available on the funders subscription package and paid in virtual money which can be spent in the eshop to purchase virtually anything you can think of

Yes You can when you want to invest on a particular project among our numerous projects and the terms and conditions are different

Membership subscription fee after payment are non refundable however if you choose to stop just quit by not paying the compulsory yearly renewal fee

Yes once he has been able to fulfill the requirements, ofcourse he can become an instructor and also sell products

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