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If YOU have been called into the manufacturing sector to establish a career or business then trust me it will not be a mistake for me to congratulate you as one of the most fortunate individuals because the sector generaated over $13 bn revenue both industrial and consumer goods to global economy in 2018 and in Nigeria N8.89trn which is about 22.23% of total GDP. Manufacturing sector accounts for atleast 40% of most industrialized economies’ national income and is the engine that drives development in any nation: with limitless opportunities waiting to explored. Companies like dangote, Honeywell, unilever, and the like who manufacture from household items and food products and gadgets make as much as 100million naira revenue monthly and sometimes more depending on their market share

Having to establish setup and structure and grow a manufacturing industry/firm requires patience and many other attributes and skill character which cannot be gotten from conventional school system and if you are thinking of delving into that industry you will not be wrong to require the services of a consultant/specialist who not only has a theoretical knowledge but has proven his competence and skill over the years and severally across sectors in manufacturing having establish and grown couple of manufacturing companies that has thriving overcome several challenges in different economic climate and social conditions


At the end of training participants would be able to

  • function in the capacity of an entrepreneur consultant or employee in helping to establish or contribute growth of any manufacturing business
  • understand business environment basic knowledge of which and when to product to introduce in the market
  • Set structures and systems and to coordinate and harness the resources to start with little and grow into conglomerate
  • Manage different people effectively and how to succession for business expansion and continuity


Students, retirees, Professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone who has the following traits and values which is what basically defines who a successful manufacturing business tycoon is

Resilience (keep pushing despite disappointments)

Risk taker (courageous and brave)

Passion for manufacturing (create solution or enjoy the routine task of the business)

Take initiative (be decisive and drive others to work)

Responsible (accept blame)

Emphathy (to feel what others feel and provide support)

communication (clarity in discussing ideas thoughts)

leadership skills



  • Understanding the manufacturing sector
  • Typical Business environment of manufacturing agencies and stakeholders that affect your biz
  • management framework
  • Prerequisite for setting up
  • Locating your factory and industry design/layout
  • Your setup cost structure/plan
  • Hiring your first team members/employees
  • Product formulas
  • Procurement of materials and equipment
  • Legal requirements
  • Quality control


Basic requirement includes background knowledge or experience in factory operation based on previous job or minimum high school certificate in related science and management disciplines as management, entrepreneurship, chemistry, industrial design, bio chemistry, industrial chemistry and related discipline




Dr Emily is our instructor on this and he is the CEO and chairman of hes & chikas Global industry limited a company establish and liscensed in the nigeria to over see the manufacturing and expansion of the products of E.m cosmetics cote d’iovre throughout the boarders in NIGERIA and beyond. He has over 3o years experience in the manufacturing sector and would be not just taking you through the theoretical framework but a complete apprenticeship/internship programme within his company for a space of 3years to understand both the operations and the administrative/ management structure for effective operation and to navigate routine challenges to establish an enduring and thriving global brand in manufacturing


Festac Lagos

About the instructors

I help individuals and institutions define their core purpose and develop a value system to guide choices/decisions and direct activities towards achieving that purpose via coaching and consulting with the philosophy of system (systemism)
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