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  • Course level: Intermediate

About Course

forex trading course aimed at helping learner develop the essential knowledge and trading skills to succeed in the forex market


Over 10 trillion dollars is traded in the forex market daily by different people and institution from different industries and genersfed over 10billion dollars profit

But not until 2018 the turning point of my FOREX trading life surface by discovery of the double up trading model this came 3 years deep into my study and development of the philosophy of system and it became second proof of the efficacy of the universality of the ideas ideals and principles of systemism

In less than two months i double my capital as you can see from the pictures and now

Since it is said experience is the best teacher haven failed several times on this path i have finally discovered the secret to successfully trading FOREX using the double up trading model and I will be sharing it with you in :


What Will I Learn?

  • ☑️ The double up trading formula and how to apply it effectively
  • ☑️ The 5 common myths about forex trading that deceives people and affect their trading experience
  • ☑️ The process of how i discovered and applied the doubleup trading formula that has enable me escape double my income
  • ☑️6 fundamental factors that determines/control the price of currencies
  • ☑️6 rules to adhere for safe and successful trading no matter what the economic situation is in the forex market
  • ☑️How to Create and sell your own FOREX trading Training, course or e-book and make at least 1000 sales

Topics for this course

1 Lessons


learning the background and history of forex market and trading

Understanding the forex market?

learning to navigate and read the movement of the market

My mistake and painful Experience in FOREX TRADING?

learning to avoid the pitfalls in trading

Starting ups?

basic skills and tools and navigations of the trading interface

Choosing a trading platform?

exploring the different platforms and factors that guide selection of trading platform

The doubleup trading formula?

learning the basic principles of the double formula and effective application

Other opportunities and tips for more wins?

other opportunities for making profit and growth as a forex trader


sharing success stories of successful forex traders

About the instructors

I help individuals and institutions define their core purpose and develop a value system to guide choices/decisions and direct activities towards achieving that purpose via coaching and consulting with the philosophy of system (systemism)
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5 Courses

7 students


Material Includes

  • ✔️Certificate of participation
  • ✔️One on one and group after training support
  • ✔️Access to FOREX trading jobs on thrivehood platform and other platforms
  • ✔️Course materials
  • ✔️Access to updates or news on national and world economy and information on how it affect the price for you to know the right move
  • ✔️ Outsource jobs to you from pool of jobs we get from clients who wants people to trade or invest for them in FOREX
  • ✔️Referral to the new school program attract #1000 referral bonus for each referral


  • need laptop
  • internet connection
  • at least a general knowledge of finance

Target Audience

  • entrepreneurs
  • bankers
  • financial analyst
  • house wifes
  • students
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