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The prep course provides the foundational knowledge and tools to help you understand the facts about the universe we live in, how it operates and how to establish right strong connection with it and everything else that exist and be established in the right place and set on right path (career/business/relationships) where you can access and attract all the resources, values and assistance you need to excel and reach the peak where you become eternally and globally relevant recognized respected rewarded and remembered

PREP course is a 5 session program includes

– Unveiling the universe and Self/purpose discovery
– Philosophy; the foundation for rightly defining Identity and building strong brand
– Right education and sustainable socioeconomic development
– Profit model
– Value scale and universal evaluation standard

Topics for this course

13 Lessons

Unveiling the Universe and self/purpose discovery

Life’s Essence

Philosophy Identity and brand building basics

The right education and socio economic development

Profit Model (Monetization of Talents & Potentials)

Value Scale & Ultimate evaluation standard

About the instructors

I help individuals and institutions define their core purpose and develop a value system to guide choices/decisions and direct activities towards achieving that purpose via coaching and consulting with the philosophy of system (systemism)
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